I provide individual one on one consultations, group workshops and classes at your work space or virtually. 

Wellness in the work place is a hot topic at the moment and for good reason. The modern day work environment with long periods of sitting, quick takeout meals in-between meetings, computer screen eye strain, isn't conducive to the mental and physical well-being of your employees. The recent change of working style,  people working from home, increased working flexibility has brought its own challenges, some people feel isolated, some feel anxious, some are more productive yet yearn for human interaction. We are in a new era and how we navigate moving forward is crucial. Having happy and healthy employees has proven to result in better productivity, lower healthcare costs and less turnover. A wellness plan is a critical strategy for making employees happier, which will ultimately improve your company's bottom line.

Some global corporate entities are now ensuring that they monitor what Wellness classes their clients/advisors offer for their staff within their workplace, to help encourage a healthier environment across more offices and increased productivity overall. This is only going to become more and more prevalent.


▪️Wellness Workshops 

▪️Business coaching 

▪️Life Coaching

▪️Meditation Classes

▪️Fitness Classes 

▪️Personal Training 

▪️Posture and Alignment Assessments


More information...

Wellness Workshops
60min taster sessions
Half day
Full day

I create bespoke packages depending on your priorities and staff needs.

You can choose to combine all elements, select a few you're most interested in, or even choose to focus on one area for example a fitness day, meditation morning or mental health afternoon. We can discuss what your goals are and what you would like to achieve, I will then create a package to suit your needs and achieves your well-being goals.

Example package...

Total Wellness full day includes...

▪️Body - Posture, alignment and stance
▪️Body - Stretching, flexibility and mobility
▪️Mind - Observing the self, how you perceive yourself how others perceive you
▪️Mind - Dealing with anxiety and feeling overwhelmed

▪️Mind - Your core values
▪️Mind - Resilience and Confidence
▪️Mind - Relationships and Communication

▪️Mind - Personal self care
▪️Mind - Managing emotional intelligence
▪️Mind - Reprogramming habits
▪️Body - Nourishment, hydration and how to sleep better
▪️Body - Exercise Class of your choice
▪️Mind/Soul - Mindfulness Class
▪️Mind/Soul - Meditation Class

End of Workshop

Business coaching
Most commonly one to one

▪️CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) and NLP (neurolinguistic programming) for career progression
▪️One on one strategic planing
▪️Goal setting
▪️Graduate well-being
▪️Resilience and people skills
▪️Time management, productivity skills
▪️Communication skills
▪️Leadership skills

Life coaching
Most commonly one to one

▪️CBT, NLP for complete mindful well-being
▪️Reviewing habitual thought patterns
▪️Self understanding and clarity
▪️Better decision-making
▪️Clearer mind, better performance

Guided Meditation Classes
30 min
60 min

Fitness Classes
All abilities welcome. I can cater for any fitness level.

HIIT Classes (high intensity interval training)
Total Body Workouts
Spin Classes (Tao style, dance/meditation spin)
Stretching, mobility and flexibility Classes

Personal Training

Posture & Alignment assessment
30min per person