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   Tara Xavier Wellness Coach

▪️Cognitive Behavioural Therapist
▪️Neurolinguistic Programer
▪️BA Honours Media, Culture & Communications 
▪️Meditation Teacher
▪️AFN Nutrition Specialist Level 3
▪️Senior Level 3 Personal Trainer
▪️Senior Level 3 Group Exercise Trainer.   

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Wellness 'The state of being in good health, especially as actively pursued goal.'

Born to Portuguese parents, I grew up with a father who favoured western philosophies and a mother who favoured eastern philosophies. Having insight early in life to both perspectives has been a true asset. Only now looking back, I realise how key their diverse conversations and teachings have been to my current way of thinking and in fact my journey to where I am now.

As a young woman in London I had drive and ambition to achieve a successful career as soon as possible. I accomplished a lucrative career in the Media Advertising industry. After ten years I achieved my financial goals, traveled a lot of the world, had the most wonderful experiences, my life appeared very successful to the outside world but I didn't feel good. I didn't feel fulfilled or even interested  in getting up to go to work.

Feeling ungrateful and guilty that I felt so unsatisfied, I stuck it out for a while until one day moments before signing a permanent contact for the 'dream job' I realised, I did not want that job. I didn't sign the contract. In that moment I decided to make a change. I didn’t want to work twelve, fifteen hours a day, burning myself out for something that never felt quite right for me. I retrained and set up my own business in the health industry, an area I’m hugely passionate about. Years later I've worked with some of the worlds best athletes, people learning to walk again aged eighty, the most inspirational mothers, fathers and children, start up companies, established global banks, law firms, celebrities, experts in their field, every walk of life, ethnicity, and creed. Every person unique and brilliant in their own way. Each has taught me something about myself and helped me become a better coach, trainer and therapist.

I'm inspired daily by the efforts I see, the emotional journeys of self discovery, healing, the promotions, the business growth, the success on every level. There is no greater more fulfilling work than being part of someone’s journey to feeling, healthy, energised, happy and well. I feel honoured. Mostly I'm touched by how people remember me when they achieve something great. I've been privileged to be invited to awards, weddings, launch parties, plays, dinners and homes for a cup of tea! Each so special.

I believe that mental health is equally as important as physical health. I specialise in bespoke coaching looking at your unique circumstances, combining suggestions to help with both areas. I aim to help people find a healthy balance that suits them. We’re all very unique and what we need to feel well differs. My mission is to help people believe in themselves and be themselves. To ignite confidence and inspiration through physical, psychological and soulful wellbeing.

Now it's no bed of roses, the work required is challenging, commitment is required and there may be times of discomfort. Ultimately it’s worth it, the benefits to investing in your complete well-being are abundant. You may only see me for a short time in the scheme of things but the results are life long. I’m there to support you every step of the way. I'm present and committed to you.

I offer, my life experience, my expertise, my full commitment and it's all done whole heartedly. Change, growth, resilience can be challenging but it is possible. If you want to do/be/learn something, there is a way and together we can ignite a healthier, happier more balanced life.

I'm the living example.




"I’ve known Tara for over 12 years, and she’s a truly unique individual. Kind, caring, compassionate and daring are just a few words that spring to mind when I think of Tara. Tara has an ability to bring out the best in people, including me, and does this with such ease. Her default setting is to radiate warmth and positivity. I can’t recommend Tara enough as a Wellness Coach if you’re aiming to enhance your mental and physical health."

Jason Leonard

"I met Tara through a friend who recommended her. My objective was to progress in my career with the intention to be promoted. It would be an understatement to say Tara changed my life. I never expected to achieve more than my initial goal but not only did I get the promotion I wanted, I got my dream job. I changed as a man for the better. She has this quality about her that see's things in you that you don’t even know you have. Working with Tara has transformed me. If you’re looking to progress in a professional capacity, you’re with the right person, she’ll not only develop your career, she’ll bring out more in you than you can ever imagine."

Daniel Yates

"I first met Tara as she is the spin instructor at my work gym. One class in and it was very difficult to not want to go back. She is so full of passion and enthusiasm for what she teaches which is not just exercising but also doing something for yourself and reminding yourself why you turned up to a class. Working in a stressful banking environment is really tough and after leaving my 1st class I felt completely exhausted but inspired and came away with a different outlook on life. Tara is all about exercising to make you feel good about yourself. Along with her fab music and catchy (sometimes hilarious) phrases it’s very easy to start believing in them and yourself. I can go into a class in such a mood from work and leave feeling so much happier.

Once I got engaged I wanted to tone up for my Wedding and so I asked Tara if she would PT me. We trained together twice a week in the early mornings for almost 6 months and i absolutely loved it. Not only did we train hard and I saw really good results but we got to know each other much better and she became my friend. She has so many inspiring life stories and is just such a joy to be around! She is a great trainer, tailors to you and your goals completely and it’s clear that she loves what she does. Not only does she believe in getting fit but she believes in being the healthiest and best version of yourself. I’ve continued to train once a week with Tara and cant see this stopping anytime soon. I 100% recommend Tara, she’s the best and I wish her every success as she’s expands her empire- wooop!"

Jude Howell

Tara is such an amazing person to work with. She keeps you motivated with her
positive energy. She always keeps you engaged and is so easy to talk to. I love the energy and warmth she brings to every conversation.
Dana Alkhatib 
I first met Tara in a work capacity whereby her role was to drive sales, find new customers and hit fierce individual and team targets. Even back then Tara was always driven to work hard, collaborate as part of a team and you could always count on her to bring the fun and human element to an otherwise grey office environment. Tara knows what it’s like to feel the pressure of hitting your goals and she had a personal ambition to help others reach theirs, whether that be physical or mental wellbeing. Tara is utterly genuine and truly passionate about the people in her life, she really cares. There have been many difficult and challenging times in her life but she has always looked hard for a solution that can change that difficult time for the better. Tara is like a wave of happiness, laughs, motivation, warmth, encouragement and always with that reassuring energy that somehow cheerleads you into feeling that you can overcome that ‘it’ in your life.
Tirion Yeoman 
"There hasn't been a time I've seen Tara and not come away feeling overwhelmingly happy. Tara radiates positivity and has an inspiring underlying strength that I think anyone would aspire to emulate and learn from. A unique person who has certainly helped me immeasurably, especially in understanding the value of and in practicing the qualities of optimism, fortitude and resilience."
Greg Cohen